Points To Remember During Face To Face Interview

No matter how much hard work and best you have done for your interview preparation, face to face interview always create a psychological pressure on you. Face to face interview is the most imp round from all round and also considered as a final round for an interview. So you should keep ready for all type of interview questions which can be asked during face to face interview, and what to do and what not to do during an interview.

Importance Of  Face to Face :

This round is aimed at checking your grasp, mental alertness, confidence level, job profile knowledge and the skills you have developed for it. This is the best opportunity for impressing the interviewer and rectify all mistakes you have done in the previous round. Hence it is also called as sure shot round.

These are the imp points you should keep in mind during face to face interview, interview preparation.

  1. Do not get over friendly
  2. Speak to the point
  3. Keep looking at the interviewer and not elsewhere
  4. Be attentive and respond smartly
  5. Do not use slang
  6. Do not play with your pen, fingers during an interview
  7. The more you reveal the more you will be probed
  8. Do not tell lies as it requires more statements given in your resume
  9. Do not criticize your old employer, boss, co-workers or about yourself
  10. Sit comfortably and keep saying “All Is Well”

So next time while going for a government, defense SSB, or any company face to face interview keep remember all these points and work on these points because “giving answer to the interview question” is important, “how you answer” it values the same. So once you get through all these points you will surely crack it. In next article, we will learn how to deal with personal questions and other interview questions associated with it.


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