Introvert characteristics

Why Being An Introvert Is Not Bad- Introvert People Are Hidden Treasures

Quiet People Have The Loudest Mind-Stephen Hawking

Love doing stuff alone? Not a party lover or feel shy while introducing in any large groups, then welcome you are in introvert community cover 30 % of the world population. So, the question arises is it a good thing or bad. There are so many theories, research, and article pointing introvert as a drawback in one’s personality. But the reality is little hidden and motivating. Introvert and shyness go together, but for one thing introverted does not mean have to mean shy, though there is a stack. Shyness is a form of anxiety characterized by inhibited behavior. It also indicates a fear of social judgment that is really cautious. Shy people actively avoid social situations, even ones they might want to take part in.

If you really want to know in which category you fall, you can assess yourself by giving true or false for these following question:

  1. _______ I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities.
  2. _______ I often prefer to express myself in writing.
  3. _______ I enjoy solitude.
  4. _______ I seem to care less than my peers about wealth, fame, and status.
  5. _______ I dislike small talk, but I enjoy talking in depth about topics that matter to me.
  6.  _______ People tell me that I ’m a good listener.
  7. _______ I’m not a big risk-taker.
  8. _______ I enjoy work that allows me to “dive in” with few interruptions.
  9. _______ I like to celebrate birthdays on a small scale, with only one or two close friends or family members.
  10. _______ People describe me as “soft-spoken” or “mellow.”
  11. _______ I prefer not to show or discuss my work with others until it’s finished.
  12. _______ I dislike conflict.
  13. _______ I do my best work on my own.
  14. _______ I tend to think before I speak.
  15. _______ I feel drained after being out and about, even if I’ve enjoyed myself.
  16.  _______ I often let calls go through to voicemail.
  17. _______ If I had to choose, I’d prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled.
  18. _______ I don’t enjoy multitasking.
  19. _______ I can concentrate easily.
  20. _______ In classroom situations, I prefer lectures to seminars.

More your answer true, more you fall into introverts, but it doesn’t mean you are categories, read before you went for the conclusion.

When it comes to situation introvert people aren’t really bothered by social situations, it’s not like they don’t want their participation, and they just prefer not to engage. On the other side, extroverts gain energy from the crowd and participation because they got easily bored alone.

Our culture and society really affect this group because our culture and present situations really expect people to go outside and social. This situation could be your workplace, friends & family and other relationship. But is it really a correct measure to categories these people on the basis of competitive demand and situation expectations. I think no, an introvert may be able to fit in their small groups and gangs, but those relationships tend to deep and rewarding. Introverts are more cautious and deliberate than extroverts, but that means they more tend to think things more thoroughly, which means they can often make smarter decisions. Introverts are better at listening which ultimately make them better business leaders at the end, especially when if their employees want to take initiatives and new. And at the end, they turned themselves to spend a longer time doing solitary and effective work and evolve with new fresh idea and skills.



Career prospective for introverts is really competitive as we live with a value system that calls the extrovert Ideal because they considered them as a perfect for their business and work culture But as we discussed earlier introverts often work more slowly and deliberately. They like to focus on one task at a time and can have mighty powers of concentration. They’re relatively immune to the lures of wealth and fame. On the other hand, extroverts are a little slippery and lack concentration while handling the projects. Hence when it comes to perfection (which is not possible, assume near to it) and effectiveness introverts always set their feet strongly. So we can say that they are good workers, manager, and leader when it comes to professionalism and work culture If you’re a manager, remember that one third to one half of your workforce is probably introverted, whether they appear that way or not. Think twice about how you design your organization’s oɽce space. Don’t expect introverts to get jazzed up about open oɽce plans or, for that matter, lunchtime birthday parties or team-building retreats. Make the most of introverts’ strengths—these are the people who can help you think deeply, strategize, solve complex problems, and spot canaries in your coal mine.

At the end conclusion is either you are introvert and extrovert just remember one thing, both need same love and understanding, everyone has its one way of grasping energy, some get it with involvement and some with solitude. Use your natural powers— of persistence, concentration, insight, and sensitivity—to do work you love and work that matters. Solve problems, make art, and think deeply. Figure out how you can contribute and at what you want to contribute, make sure you contribute it. Never forget there are so many famous personalities who are introvert but they have engraved their names in the history for their contribution to their country and society.

People with an introvert personality:

Barack Obama – ( Ex-President USA),

Manmohan Singh – (Ex-PMO India)

Mahatma Gandhi– (Freedom Fighter)

Hillary Clinton – (Secretary Of State-USA)

Bill Gates – (CEO Philanthropist)

Mother Teresa – (Nun, Missionary)


Time Magazine Article – The Power Of Shyness by Bryan Walsh

The Quiet by Susan Cain



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