How To Deal With Kuch Apne Bare Me Bataye- Tell me about yourself ?

How To Deal With Kuch Apne Bare Me Bataye- Tell me about yourself ?

Tell me about yourself one of the most basic questions ask by people in a new job Interview questions, new friendship whatever Naya suru karne wale ho. Trust me its sound so easy to hear but ye sabse tough question hota hai above all other questions ask to you.

Now the questions arise if its so hard  to answer then how to deal with it and ye depend karta hai situation pe, person pe, place pe and yes occasion par bhi, because there is a word called introspection jo ki apne aap me hi ek bahut heavy and imp hai. According to books, glossary introspection is the process of knowing yourself in all way.


Telling about yourself goes in 5  level:

  • Knowing about the basic things your education, family, and hometown.
  • Your favorite things, hobbies, interest etc.
  • What is your like and dislikes?
  • knowing the strength and weakness in you, your skill set.
  • what is your perception of the community, people?
  • last and imp thing is how will you tackle the situation if anything from the above points gets disturbed.

To get all this level you need to perform introspection and it should be done very carefully because it’s a regular process and keeps changing with your age and maturity.

And if you are particularly preparing for NDA exam, CDS exam,SSB interview and other govt job interview then this question plays a vital role in your selection. So start preparing seriously for this question.


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